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Today's Free Resource » Covenant & Kingdom Curriculum

We found out about this incredible resource created by 3DM from Dan Choe, who serves as the Director of Chi Alpha at George Mason University. It includes everything from graphics, slides, series art, message outlines, discussion guides and message transcripts. 

Whether you want to use this as a personal study resource or utilize it as you lead a weekly gathering such as a small group or worship service - this is a great tool that will equip you to help others understand the concepts of covenant and kingdom within scripture. 

Twenty-first-century human beings often focus on details before seeing the bigger picture. Because we do that, we can miss the big picture. The Bible has a big picture. Itʼs DNA, two strands, two major themes that run through the Bible from beginning to end. One strand is Covenant; one is Kingdom.
· Covenant is about relationship, about two becoming one. Itʼs about being.
· Kingdom is about responsibility, about what God wants you to do on His behalf. Itʼs about doing.
- Taken from Introduction for Series

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