The following is a post written by Natalie Hill in collaboration with Kevin Kusunoki. They both serve on staff at Chi Alpha at American University and share a passion for worship.

Kevin and I are passionate about developing a culture of worship.  It's easy to think worship is just the words on the screen on Sunday mornings or Thursday nights, but worship is much more than that.  David Crowder talks about developing a habit of praise, much like the Psalmists in the Bible.  We believe music has a way of breaking down walls and opening hearts, so we're exploring how we can encourage a culture of worship that's outside of our normal worship services.  

As John Mark McMillan said, "Worship isn't just singing, but thank God it's also singing."

So we're going to be posting Spotify playlists with different genres of music every other week this summer and expanding our view of what worship really is.  We'll start next week, we'd love for you to follow us as we explore how music can be used to worship our Savior!