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The other day Jeremiah and I were taking a bus ride. He loves buses. We got on the bus together- my hands full of baby, stroller, metrocard, diaper bag, etc. People graciously moved out of the way so we could sit in the preferred seating in front. Next to me was a man who looked down on his luck- very possibly homeless. He noticed Jeremiah’s wide-eyed stare and excitement to be on a bus. Side note: bus rides are possibly the most exciting thing in the world if you are 20 months old. 

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The homeless man asked him, “Is this your first bus ride?” He told me Jeremiah should have something to mark the occasion. From one of his bags he pulled out a well-worn, well-used plastic box and from it, gave Jeremiah several pennies. “No, wait,” he said, “you need more than that.” He then proceeded to give Jeremiah a huge, heaping handful of pennies, nickels, and dimes.

The bus arrived at my stop and I thanked the man profusely for making the experience so special and for his gift to Jeremiah. I left the bus feeling overwhelmed by his generosity. He took the time to truly see the people around him and live generously - regardless of his own circumstances. 

In fact, how you give now determines how you will give later.

This experience reminds me that we are never too poor to give. In fact, how you give now determines how you will give later. Are you waiting to get out of debt, to get a better job, to stop living paycheck-to-paycheck before you start giving?

If so, I challenge you to read the story of the Widow’s Mite (Mark 12:41-44, Luke 21:1-4). It’s pretty clear she had no savings, no back-up plan, and no streams of revenue, yet she was willing to give all she had. Prayerfully ask God where, when, and how much you should give. He knows your financial situation. He also knows people who need blessing. 

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.
Luke 12:34

Take a minute. Examine your heart. How can you live generously today?

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I’m the type of person that rarely buys something out of impulse. It usually takes a lot of thought for me to buy things that seem relatively important and things that are fairly cheap.
I think part of the problem is working through a comparative basis of what money could be used for. I always keep in mind where my money could be well invested and how many hours of work it takes to earn that much money. This makes shopping a tremendously difficult task and giving to ministry even more so.

Written by Katie Zimmerman ( Facebook )

Written by Katie Zimmerman (Facebook)

This perspective needs to shift from a self-focused opportunity cost scenario to handing over financial control to one who controls all of our finances anyway. What we can do with our money is so insignificant compared to what God can do with it. Even though things come up it is important to remember the need to support the Lord’s work and to trust that God can use our money much better than we can.
Giving to Chi Alpha is more than a donation. It is an investment in the work of God on our campus and on campuses across DC.
If we can declare that Jesus has our heart why is it so hard to give him our wallets?
Tuition is expensive and I’m pretty sure I’ll be in debt ‘til I’m 50, but thinking about all the other financial costs in my life and my longing to have complete control over my money reminds me I never really have control over anything. I can’t guarantee a job after college, or any sort of income. My financial situation may change but God WON”T.
If we have faith to move mountains, I’m pretty sure we should trust that God will provide for us to.

When I read the story of the young man who refused to give up his wealth for Jesus I think of how unimportant money is. I mean really, it’s just green paper with pictures of dead people on it. It’s not more important than living a life for Jesus!  But so often I find myself in the same situation where finances are such a delicate topic that I never want to bring it before God. The value we place on money doesn't mean anything compared to the value of the cross. When we keep in mind the value of the cross and it guides our financial decisions, I am certain you will see God use your money in ways you never thought possible.
So how many cups of Starbucks coffee would you be willing to spare? How many fancy new gizmos and gadgets could you do without? What would you be willing to do to invest in something so much more important than yourself?

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