I often struggle with the idea that I have something to offer others.  Now I’m doing a job in fulltime ministry, where I lead worship and a small group and mentor students.  Funny how things work out that way, huh?

Written by Natalie Hill   Facebook  ||  Twitter

Written by Natalie Hill

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Sometimes I leave a coffee date with a student scratching my head with my mind reeling because I just have absolutely no idea what to say her about what she’s going through.  I easily feel insecure in the knowledge and authority that I have.  And I’m afraid of messing up or letting people down.

This might all be true, but obviously those feelings aren't strong enough to keep me from pursuing a career surrounded by one-on-one mentoring and discipleship.  Because students are important, and I believe campus ministry is strategic.  This internship was full of opportunities and tools that equip me to speak knowledgeably and lovingly into students’ lives.  I'm eagerly looking forward to this upcoming academic year, because even when I don't feel like I'm an expert - I know that God uses us when we position ourselves in the lives of others. 

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