All too often we get caught up in figuring out our destination and forget that life is also about the journey there.

If I were to describe my life up until now, I would probably say I’ve always been in a hurry. In a hurry for my senior year of high school, in a hurry to graduate high school, in a hurry to start college, in a hurry to finish my General Education Classes, in a hurry to figure out where my major will take me. And as a result of my focus on the future, everything in the present became a task and an obstacle, something keeping me from my future.

Consequently, I lost a lot of the joy that comes from simply living life because I wasn’t living life–I was carry out a to-do list (and a nice, neat, color coded one at that).

But life isn’t a to-do list. It can’t be planned, and it’s not always clear, and sometimes it can get messy. There is no Google map with a highlighted path avoiding the pitfalls and traffic jams of daily life and I’m learning to accept that.

I’m learning to find joy exactly where I’m at and in life and the people around me and the relationships I have a chance to develop, and I’m putting the future in God’s more capable hands. I’m looking to him for direction.

So while I don’t necessarily know where my current path is taking me, I do know who the people walking beside me are, and more importantly, I’m trusting that God goes before me.

 This is a cross-post by Daniella Amell from the AU Chi Alpha student blog

AuthorBlane Young