What is Reach the City? Our annual, ten-day fundraising campaign to raise $10,000 which well help us connect with 400+ students during Welcome Weeks (also called Fall Startup).

The Story & Details via Blane Young:

Update (July 21, 2016 at 3:31pm): We are on Day 2 of 10 and we've already raised $1,400. Help us reach our goal, whether it's a small gift or a big one, it's going to take a team of people to make this a reality! (Give Now)

Let me tell you where that money goes. That money doesn't go to staff salaries or anything that. All of us, we raise our own funds through our personal support raising; donors, and churches, but this is a chance for you to invest directly into our ministry because between August through October we call it Welcome Weeks or Fall Startup.

We host almost two dozen events on two strategic campuses in Washington D.C., American University & Georgetown University, We're able to host those events and personally connect our current students and our staff with over 400 incoming students because of the funds raised from Reach the City that put on and allow us to host those events.

You have an opportunity to impact a freshman, an international student, a transfer student that you may never personally meet. A student like Greg. Have you met Greg yet? (read more)

And many others, like XY and Beatrice. And so many more. 

Ways to Give:

On Razoo via: https://www.razoo.com/us/story/Reach-The-City-2016

*** For other ways, especially for churches, please visit dcchialpha.com/invest

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