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If you were to walk around and ask people to name a Christian song, a common response you might hear is “Amazing Grace”, or “Come Thou Fount”.

If you grew up in a traditional church you might remember singing from a hymnal without knowing what any of the words meant, yet still thoroughly enjoying the sounds of the organ and the chorus of voices. Hymns are a timeless form of worship that finds its roots in the Reformation movement, and continues to be a huge influence on contemporary worship music. They are influential and still widely sung across churches around the world because these songs are heavily entrenched in scripture.

In fact, the earliest hymns were direct quotations of the Psalms; and only later did hymns begin adding extra-biblical imagery and metaphors. This rich tradition of scriptural composition is what continues to make hymns relevant and popular in the modern church.

The following spotify playlist contains fourteen of our favorite hymns that we hope you will enjoy. 

AuthorBlane Young