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Today's Free Resource » Through Painted Desserts (Audiobook) 

This resource was sent to us by Kevin Goldfarb. He's a student leader actively involved in Chi Alpha at American University. You can follow him on Twitter

Donald Miller, the well-known author of Blue Like Jazz and creator of Storyline recently made this available for free if you sign-up for his newsletter. It's his first book which, although not his most popular, it was highly acclaimed by critics and has been met with praise by hundreds of thousands of people. 

A record of a classic road trip. Miller's tale is full of serendipitous adventures and thoughtful Christian reflection . . . offering the sort of deep-thought wanderings into meaning and significance that are the meat of college-age existence . . . a reminder that life was meant to be lived, not just gotten through -- Publisher's Weekly 

One Amazon reviewer said the following about the book. 

I love Miller's writing style; effortless and cool but moving on a very real level. He's down to earth in a shameless way. You'll relate, laugh, and cry. It's like a conversation with a friend about this life in Jesus.

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