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The Program

A Chi Alpha Campus Missionary in Training (CMIT) program is a 10-month internship corresponding to an academic year designed to train individuals in every aspect of vocational, full-time campus ministry.

Our primary aim is to prepare people to be eligible to serve as nationally appointed campus missionaries with Chi Alpha Campus Ministries. Our primary desire is to equip people to pioneer and/or serve on universities along the Atlantic coastline and in foreign campus missions.

The Interns & How They Chose DC

Natalie Hill - Graduate of American University | Hometown: Buffalo, NY 

In the world of missions, I think it’s easy to overlook the college campus as a mission field.I recognized the importance of Chi Alpha in my life for the four years I was in college, and I saw the crucial role it played in the lives of my friends, but it wasn’t until recently that God started showing me His heart for college students, long term. 


Nick Holmstedt - Graduate of Hamline University | Hometown: St. Louis, MO 

Why do the internship?  For a love, love that seeks eternity, love that transforms and illuminates, into the cracks and crannies (and maybe even grannies) of the world.  To know Jesus more and more and more.   


Bonnie Duncan - Graduate of Georgetown University | Hometown: San Benito, TX

And while I knew in that moment that Chi Alpha would be an important part of my college experience as I sat in my first service, I did not possess enough vision to see that in 4 years we would move into 3 different locations to accommodate the size of new students looking for a place to belong - and that this would be where I would serve after college. 

I have leaved that God is at work in those times of transition when we have no idea what things to expect. People I never thought I would meet and places I never thought I would end up became an inexplicable yet vital part of my story.


Becca Pugh - Graduate of American University | Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

There are a few reasons why I’m doing the CMIT program in DC, the simplest being it has become a home to me. My heart is for this place and these people in this season of life. I came here to learn, grow, discover and ultimately make choices that would determine the course of my life. When I think about where I would be, or more importantly who I would be today without the people who invested in me during such formative years, I’m grateful and better understand the significance of a community like Chi Alpha on campus. 


Kristin Caldwell  - Graduate of Central Washington University | Hometown: Edmonds, WA

Since making the decision to do the CMIT program in DC, God has confirmed it to me over and over again. I think He wants me to learn how to love different types of students--Georgetown University and Washington DC are polar opposites on pretty much every possible level from Central Washington University and Ellensburg. The more I have learned about the college campuses in DC and the northeast in general, the more God has broken my heart for this region. 


AuthorBlane Young