This is a guest post by Bonnie Duncan. She's a recent graduate of Georgetown University and will be a Campus Missionary in Training (CMIT) with DC Chi Alpha this Fall. You can connect with her via Facebook

It's true. 

Though if I’m being honest, it all started almost a decade ago when I began the long process of deciding where I wanted to go to college. I’m an indecisive person by nature, so the initial list was long and for the most part directionless.

You see, I did one of those bold prayers where I asked God to make my college choice very clear. Now, if you don’t like rejection letters, then I would not recommended praying those types of prayers, but I digress. 

So off to Georgetown I went—both excited and scared—and unsure of how this school even came onto my radar. I had never heard of such a thing as campus ministry before, and was really nervous that I would not be able to find a Church community while I was here. 

And then one day, I was walking back to my freshman dorm, when a group of people from Chi Alpha asked me if I wanted a snow cone. I accepted that snow cone, and they happened to be having their first service of the year that night (funny how that happens) in the basement of one of the dorms. 

There were about seven people there that night, including one that slept through the entire service (but she was a 2-month-old baby so she could get away with things like that). 

And that’s how it all began.

And while I knew in that moment that Chi Alpha would be an important part of my college experience, I did not possess enough vision to see that in 4 years we would move into 3 different locations to accommodate the size of new students looking for a place to belong. 

Before college, I did not know that community was a vital component in growing closer to Jesus. I thought that I could do it on my own. I did not know that in 4 years, people would share their testimonies with me, so that I could in turn share mine with others. And through this we would know that God was the glue that held our stories together.

I did not know that there were things called LifeGroup where we could talk about Jesus and our faith and doubts. I did not know what it was like to really let people into my life and to work together towards the common goal of becoming more like Jesus. 

I did not know that the people I met at that first service in the basement would change my life so much that I would give a year to work at Georgetown Chi Alpha. 

I have learned that God is at work in those times of transition when we have no idea what things to expect. People I never thought I would meet and places I never thought I would end up became an inexplicable yet vital part of my story.

And It all started with one snow cone. Talk about a cheap way to change a life. 


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