The idea of raising $10,000 through 100 different people is undoubtedly ambitious some might say overly so but I for one sincerely hope it succeeds and believe it will. Some people might see $10,000 and ask "what could you possibly need with that much money? And what good will it do?" Well I can personally attest that the project that this campaign is trying to fund is one of, if not the most important projects Chi Alpha embarks on.

The goal of the campaign is to secure funds for welcome week activities. Welcome week is the first week of school before classes start where everyone moves in and freshmen get their first taste of college life. Because of this Chi Alpha is a huge presence on campus for these 7-9 days. There's an event almost every day with unscheduled texts to hang out with freshmen and returning students when there's not an event. And believe me the first week is super influential.

I can type out a whole lot of reasons why this time is essential but instead I'm going to tell my story. I came to college knowing I wanted to find a Christian group to be a part of and got connected with another group on campus but my roommate became a part of Chi Alpha in a big way during welcome week. About 3/4ths through 1st semester, I was struggling with a lot of questions and doubts and didn't have a good outlet to ask them. My roommate invited me to the XA Small group we were a part of and that changed everything. Since then my faith has flourished and I am changed. Welcome week reached me months later and I'm so glad it did so with every person we reach that first week, there's another "me" waiting behind them. That is why I'm pulling so hard for this campaign.

--- Dylan Hastings   

When I first heard about DC Chi Alpha, I was excited to hear that the DC team would come together to collaborate because DC is an incredibly strategic place for missions. I have been supporting their work since I have joined Chi Alpha at American University 4 years ago and I do so because I believe in the influence college students have on their peers and thus, the global missions field.
— Symphony Chau

The 100x100 project is important to me because I love college students.

College is the time when people are the most willing to try new things, make new friends, and explore new ideas. During college, students are trying to figure out who they want to be.

Chi Alpha offers a place for students to ask questions, build community and learn foundational life skills. As a college student I had a lot of questions about who I was and how religion fit into my life. When I joined Chi Alpha, I found a community that was willing to walk with me and help me figure out the answers to those questions. Thousands of students pass through DC every year and I want those people to have the same opportunity that I did- the opportunity to learn more about myself and Jesus Christ.

I give to this project not because I want Chi Alpha to succeed but because I want students to succeed. Chi Alpha loves and supports students.

-- Hannah Finley Young  

100 People Giving $100. Each

“What a fabulous idea!” This was my first thought. It sounds simple, yet it adds up to extraordinary, I’m in!

Personally, I have many reasons why I want this to succeed, actually why I want it to more than succeed!! First of all, when I was in college, I don’t remember anything like this, probably because it didn’t exist. But it was needed, if for no one else but me.  Secondly, my now adult children have all benefitted in some way from the ministries on each of their campuses.  And finally, I have a heart for college students.  I know that for many, this is the time in their lives where they find their own freedom, they decide for themselves what they want to do with their time, and who they want to spend it with. For others, they have to find their own faith, separate from their parents, and they need guidance on their campus.  And still for others, they haven’t heard about God, or they’ve heard of who He is but don’t believe in Him, the list goes on.  

So for all these students and all the students who have an awesome relationship with Jesus, they need a community, a place to learn more, to grow spiritually, to meet others, to share, to love and be loved as a family, to have fun, to build on those relationships that will last into eternity.

When school begins in the fall, I’d like to see DC Chi Alpha shine the brightest and have everything they could possibly need to meet and greet students like never before! And that each student that is interested would get an invite to the best and biggest JESUS party on campus!

--   Bernadine Young 

 These stories are only a few of the many about why the influence, reach, and missional awesome-ness of DC Chi Alpha. Be part of the 100! 

AuthorBlane Young