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We're bag from a quick hiatus but don't worry, we're not dissapearing again anytime soon! We search the web high and low to bring you quality resources at the wonderful cost of $0. Yeah, we try to be awesome. You can grab last week's resource here

Today's Free Resource » Christian Songwriter's Connection

We found out about this resource via Brad Russell on Social Media. He has pastored and led worship in several churches deep in the Bible Belt and has always been a strong supporter of Chi Alpha in his area. This is a new initiative put on by New Life Assembly's Worship Team

Maybe this can serve as a jumpstart to get your worship team (whether students or staff) to find ways to express themselves creatively while benefiting the entire community. Or perhaps you've always written songs for your services and this will serve as a connection point to connect with like-minded leaders. Wherever you're at, this resource just launched and we think it's going to be big - so bookmark it and come back often! 

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We'd love to know if this a resource that you'd consider using or have used in the past. If you have a resource you'd like to share, just email us! 


AuthorBlane Young