We gather tidbits here that we know are valuable but aren't sure where else to put them. It's like that one kitchen drawer in your childhood home, right? 

Carefronting - Talk for GUXA LTC & AUXA Resource Group

Uploaded on 10/25/16 // Provided by Blane Young

Outline of Notes / Handout (PDF)

Outline of Notes / Handout (DOCX)

Audio Recording (Low-Fi)  of Talk

Notes: This was first taught at GUXA LTC and then at AUXA Resource Group. The handout was created for GUXA LTC but has been modified and used at AUXA Resource Group. The audio recording above is from AUXA Resource Group.

Semester Planning - Panel at INCITE 2016 

Uploaded on 7/26/16 // From Various Sources, Delivered by Blane

Event Evaluation Form (PDF or Word

Note: We ask for these to be prepared by one person, then they bring that to Staff Meeting and present. After, the entire staff can add things to that file before it's saved and archived. We try to look back on it before planning the same or similar event again. 

  • Example from AU Chi Alpha's Freshmen Only Social Event (PDF or Word)

SWOT - Tailored for One-on-One in Campus Ministry (with Director and Staff)


Carefronting - Research & Resources

Uploaded on 1/31/16 // Provided by April Woodham

Tools for Mentoring, Talking Christianity Excerpt

Carefronting Training: Student Notes & Teacher Notes