Cones & Chi Alpha || Welcome Weeks at American University || Fall 2013

Cones & Chi Alpha || Welcome Weeks at American University || Fall 2013

Last night, our Indiegogo Campaign for Reach the City ended and we saw an incredible surge of generosity during the past 48 hours. I speak for the entire DC Chi Alpha team when saying this — thank you. For those that gave, asked others to join them in giving and helped promote our content during the past two weeks, we are extremely grateful. 

Written by Blane Young   Facebook  ||  Twitter

Written by Blane Young

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We raised $6,706 with just over $2,000 coming in during the previous two days. It seemed like everyone rallied around this, from current students to long-term supporters of Chi Alpha Missionaries. Although we didn't meet our goal of $10,000, we all consider this a major success. 

For those wondering, this was a flexible funding campaign (unlike Kickstarter projects) where we'll still receive the money we raised even though we didn't meet our entire goal. 

And it gets better. 

Yesterday, I received a call that Centerpointe Church at Fair Oaks in Fairfax, VA would be sending a check for $500 to help DC Chi Alpha in our Welcome Weeks Programs and that Cornerstone Church in Bowie, MD would be sending us a check for $2,000. 

Thus, we'll have a total of $9,206 to enable us to connect with hundreds of incoming freshmen in just a few weeks! Last year, we raised just around $8,000 and so, this is a record-breaking year. 

It couldn't have happened without you. 

As we use these funds to connect people into our Christ-centered communities on campus, I'm eager to share stories of students who were directly impacted by your generosity. 

One of my favorite things about the start of the academic year is that we aren't just inviting students to attend our events, but in a year or two, these are the students that are going to be leading our ministry and welcoming others just as they were welcomed.  

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