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1. Watch a Movie on Netflix! If you don't have an account, borrow the login info from a friend or sign-up for a free trial. Plus, websites like & Huffington Post both have articles on the best streaming content that you may not know about. Even better, watch with a friend (or your entire dorm)! 

2. Journal! Whether you currently keep a journal or not, a day like today (with minimal distractions) is a perfect day to jump into the habit. You can use lists to recount your best and worst moments of 2013, jot down people that you'd like to pray for or simply do a brain dump. It's cathartic, we promise! 

3. Call Home. Yeah, we're going there! On days like today (and especially if your family lives far away), you can be sure that the 24-hour news cycle has been feeding them images of the city that make it look like a scene from The Day After Tomorrow. Set their fears at ease, ask about their week and for once, call without asking for money (or at least, too much money). 

4. Register for Winter Retreat. Like most students we've talked to, you're planning on going but you have yet to register. Isn't that true? Well, it help us (your beloved staff) to know whose coming so that we can have as much time as possible to plan transportation and logistics. As if that's not enough incentive, this event usually comes scarily close to selling out and let me just say, you're not going to want to miss it. (

5. Watch A Sermon (or 5!). Whether you want to catch up on what you missed during Christmas Break from your church (like NCC or Capitol Life) or find a new Podcast Pastor - today is a great day! And in case you didn't make the trek to Texas with us last year, all of the messages from The World Missions Summit 3 are now on YouTube

6. Pray for 20 Minutes. We know, it sounds simple but usually isn't what you'd call exciting or engaging. Think again, folks. We've found some great tips on this interesting site. 

7. Read A Christian Classic. This is a great one to start with and it's totally free! It's called The Pursuit of God and it was written by A.W. Tozer. We promise, you'll thank us. 

8. Throw Snowballs at People. It's helpful if you know them already, but usually fun either way! 

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