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Have you met the interns yet? They're pretty amazing. The following post is from Nick Holmstedt a recent graduate of Hamline University. He has a knack for making friends easily and even though he doesn't really like coffee, we try not to hold that against him. 

Learning is exciting.  God is amazing.  When you put the two together- to learn more about God - it’s reminiscent of looking out into the night sky with your favorite telescope.  There is so much to garner, an endless, breathtaking expanse of glitter against an infinite backdrop.  Even a single star can catch your imagination and soar with it until the night has gone and the brilliant blazing of our own nearby nameless sphere of fire (well, technically a combination of gases and plasmas, but that’s far less poetic).  Even as we learn about one of those wonderful masses in the sky, the spectacular clouds that float through space and the elusive composition of that vast vacuous ocean, it is only the smallest of pictures when compared to the whole- what we know and all that we don’t.  

Why do I go on about the sky in an intern blog about ‘learning?’  “Your poetic license is obnoxious,” says the naysayer.  “I don’t even know what that means,” says I, and continue on to explore just how unique our relationship with our Lord is.  See, if there’s one special thing I’ve really set in my heart this past week, it came out of our very first teaching.  In talking on our devotional life, we sought to recognize that place where we clearly see God.  We discovered the variety our Lord loves to share.  See, although He is never-changing, the greatness of His character allows our seeking in such particular ways.  

For me, there is nothing better than looking up at the sky to see the rolling clouds against a setting sun, or to peer up at the sparkling night sky.  That’s where I see God’s glory.  That’s where I should place myself to really put aside this world (not as an astronaut, though).   And so I’ve learned to encourage others to find that place, that spot where God just envelops your senses and gives way to unadulterated worship.  And I’ve learned to encourage myself to seek out those spaces, to lie underneath the stars or just take the time to look up at the clouds.  Even that most gentle reminder of His presence can rekindle the spark in your day for His glory.  Seek Him, seek His Kingdom, seek His presence- it’s what I need to do more of.

He is all around us, let’s just rest in Him.


AuthorBlane Young