This is a guest post by Mike Godzwa, the American University Chi Alpha Campus Director, and also a runner, coffee-connoisseur, and dad. You can connect with him via Twitter.

I did my internship year with Chi Alpha @ Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, MI.  It was right down the road from the University of Michigan. Every now and then, when I wanted to get a taste of the Big 10, I would wander over to Ann Arbor and walk the campus. I'll never forget what I heard on one of my visits.

I was talking with Steve, a guy in my small group, on the main quad when a tour group passed by.  The guide stopped the group just a few feet from us and pointed out some of the buildings.  He gestured to the Undergraduate Library and gave this explaination: “Over here we’ve got the Undergraduate Library. We call it UGLY for short.  There are side room that you can reserve.  I think people use them for hook-ups.”  That was it. That was his official description of the what to expect in the library.  For the high school seniors, this was part of their first impression of college life @ UM. First impressions are powerful.

In just a few weeks, students will be arriving on university campuses all around the DC area.  Each one will be forming their first impressions of college life.  That’s why Chi Alpha’s outreach during this time is so vital.  As we hand out water bottles to international students and free ice cream to freshmen, we help to form their idea of what their next 4 years will be like.  Each one of our events is designed to help us reach out in relationship, helping Jesus followers know they can continue their journey as college students and inviting others to see what He’s all about.

Erica was one of those incoming freshmen @ AU several years ago.  She was a soccer player and was overwhelmed by the pressure to party with her teammates.  Although she had been a part of a church for most of her life, she was finding it hard to represent Jesus all by herself.  She found Chi Alpha at one of our welcome week events and got plugged in.  Not only did Erica stay connected to her faith, she invited others to join her by becoming a small group leader the next year.  She was able to form amazing friendships--she even met her husband in our group.

Erica’s life was changed because we were there to meet her.  Will you help us meet more students like Erica? Join our 100 for $100 campaign today. It will help us get the resources we need to do it.


AuthorBlane Young